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August 13th, 2012 at 5:38 am

Leather Daddy Ass Fuck

Bareback Masters

This a dynamic bareback episode featuring Eric York in his barebacking debut – Eric is teamed up with Cam who, as we know, ALWAYS enjoys a good fuck. This scene is full of hot bareback piston fucking. Eric pounds Cam’s ass unmercifully using his motorcycle as a pummel horse.
We rode down to the studio the day of the shoot. The Harley looked real good sitting there under the lights, kinda sexy like. Cam and Eric thought it would be fun to “work” on the bike so we did. What you don’t see is me, behind Cam, on the floor helping him to keep his balance some of the time when he’s being pounded by Eric. it’s not easy fucking on a bike – have you ever tried it?

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